Christian Comedy Events

Mark’s Humor, Delivery, Material, Timing, and Wide-Ranging Audience Appeal is Absolutely First Rate!


Mark doesn’t just come UP to the standard of great entertainment, he IS the standard!

Gary Moore, Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Laughter with Heart

Wherever he entertains, Mark’s show is a big hit. He packs his programs full of comedy , hilarious audience participation and big music numbers. Mark’s high energy presentations are fast paced, funny, entertaining, inspiring, educational, and evangelistic. From a whacked out bird to an amazing four way conversation with his puppets, Mark captivates the imagination of all ages. He communicates a biblical message in a clear and heartfelt way to many diverse audiences. Seniors, adults, teenagers, and children love to participate in this highly interactive show. Mark and his puppet characters call selected audience members to the stage for hilarious surprises.

You’ll laugh so hard your face will hurt!


Topic and Length of Shows

Every show is unique. Mark will work with you and your theme to create an act that is perfect for your event.

Depending on each program’s objective, topics from salvation to discipline are taught. A wide variety of 30 to 90 minute presentations are available for single and multi-day special events.

Mark can also provide an excellent program for Volunteer Training, Appreciation and Enrichment events.



“Mark was GREAT!!! He had our families rolling with laughter throughout the program. Great crowd interaction. The presentation of gospel was very clear and very creative. I was a little hesitant about bringing a ventriloquist with puppets, but Mark removed any hesitations I may have had. We will definitely be having Mark back with us!” FBC, Gulfport, MS

“Your concert here in Chatham was awesome! We had a full house with a good mix of ages. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Mark, the way you weave the gospel message into your presentation is just right. A wonderful combination of humor and Bible truths. Good work!” Emerson McFaul, Evangel CHurch, Toronto, Ont, Canada

“We’ve had a lot of good entertainment ministers but never had a program that could hold the attention of 900 Dad’s, Mom’s and candy crazed kids for an hour. That is until this year. Mark, your program was the best we have ever had, and you did exactly what we wanted. It was fun and entertaining. It involved the audience and kept their attention. While keeping them entertained, you shared the gospel with them. Thanks for completing our carnival.” John Groce, Langley CMA Church, Langley, WA

“Mark was amazing. We have four year olds all the way up to sixth grade, along with moms and dads and he kept every age group in stitches while effectively communicating the Gospel of Christ. With over 45 comments, Mark was greatly used by the Lord and we’ll invite him again.” Twin Bridges Baptist

“We were so pleased with the sellout crowd and full house attendance.” Marsha Pavkov, First Covenant Church, Salina, KS

No matter the size of your audience, 100 to 10,000, Mark will captivate, entertain and minister. He has over 20 years of celebrated experience.

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Family Shows

Children Shows

Adult and Teen Shows


Church Events, Comedy Night, Festivals, Retreats, Socials, VBS, Outreach, Family Fun Night, Children’s Day, Crusades, Conferences, Appreciation Events…whenever you need Christian Entertainment!


10 Reasons

10. An entertaining show for any age group

9. Funny audience participation

8. Hilarious puppet characters

7. A customized show just for you

6. Recommended by the nation’s leading organizations

5. Raise the standard of excellence for your special events

4. A seasoned professional with a tremendous track record

3. Easy and flexible to work with

2. A great draw to make your event a success

And the #1 reason: It will be a BLAST!

Everyone loves a ventriloquist…even a Gecko

Funny Audience Participation