Clean Comedy Events

Corporate, Fairs, Clubs, Schools, Community

Mark’s Humor, Delivery, Material, Timing, and Wide-Ranging Audience Appeal is Absolutely First Rate!

Mark doesn’t just come UP to the standard of great entertainment, he IS the standard! Gary Moore, Producer-Houston, TX

The Mark Thompson Show-A Joyous Sound of Music and Laughter

For decades now, Mark Thompson and his ever revolving cast of wacky and zany puppet friends have been thrilling the world over with his enticing blend of ventriloquism, clean comedy and song. From hilarious audience participation skits to the most imaginative puppetry this side of the planet, Mark and company always leave the crowd laughing for more. Mark takes ventriloquism to new heights of imagination and total ingenuity as he invites audience members to become his real live puppets on stage. A sight to behold as they engage in conversations totally unknown to them. It is a scene of irresistable fun and laughter. Truly a delight for the eyes, heart and soul the Mark Thompson Show is a riotous expression of fun and laughter from one of the great ventriloquist comedian artists of our times.

“How you are able to get everyone up laughing and dancing will make for terrific memories.” Fisher Mills


Family Shows

Children Shows

Adult & Teen Shows

10 Reasons

10. An entertaining show for any age group and size of audience

9. Funny audience participation

8. Hilarious puppet characters

7. A customized show just for you

6. Recommended by the nation’s leading organizations

5. Raise the standard of excellence for your special events

4. A seasoned professional with a tremendous track record

3. Easy and flexible to work with

2. A great draw to make your event a success

And the #1 reason: It will be a BLAST!


“If there is a way to get a diverse crowd joined as one-you are it. With only two hours for our company party, I was a nervous wreck to make it a success-but with the characters and your personality, the event showed a lot of class. You’re a gifted ventriloquist comedian” DATA I/O

“Mark was GREAT!!! He had both parents and kids rolling with laughter throughout the program. Hilarious crowd interaction.” Upward Sports, Gulfport, MS

“He was able to weave our into his act making it very much customized for PCL. He is a superb performer.” John Puntnam, VP, PCL Construction

“Mark Thompson’s clean comedy act is high energy, unique, and entertaining.” Seattle Times

Corporate Events/Clubs and Associations

Appreciation Dinners, Socials, Picnics, Holiday Events, Receptions, Conventions and Trade Shows

Adult Shows

Mark has a hilariously interactive ventriloquist comedian act. His characters have fun with selected people in the group who they call to the stage to mess around with. This always makes for a great and memorable time. The material is funny, clean, and wholesome. Mark’s program is a great way to celebrate working relationships, team building and friendship. It gives everyone a chance to laugh and have a good time together.

Family and Children’s Shows

Mark’s family and children’s shows are fun for all ages. Mark’s ability to entertain the entire family is outstanding. When you want to provide the finest in family entertainment you will be more than satisfied with Mark’s performance. Parents love to see their kids having fun. Kids also love to know that their parents are having fun. Everyone from pre- school through the 6th grade are intrigued by the show. Even junior high and high school students stand in line after the show to get Mark’s autograph (now that’s amazing). Groups continually invite Mark back to perform because of the great time everyone has together.

“Everyone was cracking up and rolling in the isle”

“We were all captivated by Mark’s talent”

“People raved about his performance”

“Whatever size or type of audience or occasion that you need entertainment for, we got you covered.”

Private Celebrations

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Reunions, and Seasonal Parties

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large ballroom, celebrations are always more fun when everyone gets together for an engaging and hilarious time with Mark and his sidekicks. Mark’s ventriloquist comedian act is interactive. His puppet characters have fun with selected people in the group who they call to the stage to mess around with. This always makes for a great and memorable time. The material is funny, clean, and wholesome. It gives everyone a chance to laugh and have a good time together while focusing on the purpose of the event.


Choose from Three Unique Assembly Programs

Say “No to Bullies” – a presentations that teaches compassion and respect

“Imagination is Intelligence Having Fun” – A literacy enrichment presentation

“Hooray For Music and the Performance Arts” – A musical and performing arts enrichment presentation

The following is a partial list of greater Seattle area schools where Mark has performed: Woodin, Eastridge, Spiritridge, Norman Rockwell, Peter Kirk, Cedar Park, Heritage, Hazen, Maywood, Helen Keller, Carnation, Horace Mann, Bear Creek

A Student wrote, “You didn’t just say the message, you made it funny and easy to understand.”

A Principal wrote, “Mark helps to restore the innocents and quality in children;s entertainment.”

“We are certainly glad that we chose you for our very special evening. We have been told that our party at the Lake Club was the most enjoyable, relaxed, fun and romantic anniversary any of our guests can remember. David and Jeanette Brighton