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Mark’s show is POWERFUL ……
It’s an Upward Hit !

Are you looking for help to present the gospel and see dynamic results? Mark’s your man.

Do you want a presentation that is entertaining and funny for players, leaders and parents? Mark will hit the ball out of the park.

Mark’s 5 star Upward track record will give you confidence that your event will be a SUCCESS!

About our Upward Presentation

Our Upward Program is based on bible stories like the story of Zacchaeus. In this presentation the children learn that Zacchaeus was not a good team player before he met Jesus. He was selfish and dishonest. Jesus helps Zacchaeus (who my little buddy, confuses with Zucchini the Rotten Veggie Tale) to turn his life around by receiving God’s love and forgiveness. His sharing the love of God with others while learning to be a good citizen is a part of his dramatic life change. The super funny character cast presents the Gospel clearly throughout the entire program. One of the highlights of the program is the fun and active audience participation. Thousands of children, teenagers and adults have made decisions to say “Yes to Christ”, through this hilarious, simple and interactive message of the Gospel.

Featured with Upward

Mark has been featured numerous times at Upward Sports training events throughout the USA and Canada and has worked with Cas McCaslin.

He has also been featured on a video that Upward Unlimited produced for training. Mark demonstrates professionalism and passion as an Upward Sports speaker.

Everyone was rolling in the aisle

Parents raved about his performance!

Kids were in stitches

We were all captivated by Mark’s talent

He presents the gospel clearly

Our fifth season and the best entertainment to date


“Mark was fantastic at our Upward Awards Celebration!! We loved the way he presented the gospel in his show with his puppets. “it was a good clear message that the kids were able to understand as well as the adults. And as an extra bonus we were all greatly entertained & there was plenty of laughter. We highly recommend him!! He is one of the best entertainers we’ve had! The parents & children we talked to in our community after our awards night just raved about his performance!” Twin Bridges Baptist Church, Alexandria, LA

“Mark was great, He held the kids attention and mine as well for the 45 minute show. The kids and parents were rolling in the isle. It was a first rate show!!” First United Methodist Church, Allen, TX

“Mark was amazing. We have 4 year olds all the way up to 6th grade, and he kept every one of those kids in stitches while effectively communicating the Gospel of Christ. With over 45 commitments, Mark was greatly used by the Lord and we’ll invite him again!”

“Mark did a wonderful job of making the audience laugh and an even better job of presenting the gospel to the entire audience. He also did a wonderful job after the program by being available for face to face contact with the kids!!”

“Mark did a fantastic job. He is a true professional in every sense of the word. The Gospel was presented clearly without reservation. The kids as well as adults were captivated by Mark’s talent.”

“Mark was easy to work with. He was very sensitive to what we wanted from the program. He is a top quality Upward Sports Speaker.”

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Over 150 Upward Events Performed

5 Star Rating with Upward

“Mark was excellent. Great with the children. He kept them laughing the whole time. But more importantly he kept them interested in the gospel that he used throughout his presentation. For directors – Mark was extremely easy to work with. Don’t hesitate to book.” McCarthy Baptist Church, St. Joseph, MO

“Mark’s Act is Hilarious!”

Thanks for your interest in our ministry. Please give us a call so we can discuss how we could team up to make a big impact on the children and families of your Upward outreach. I am thrilled about your consideration of our Gospel presentation for your Upward Awards Event.

“Mark did a fantastic job at our Award Night. His message reached across all ages from very young children to adults. He is very entertaining and worked closely with us to tailor his message to our needs. I look forward to working with him again.”

“Mark provided an excellent program! He has a real gift with engaging families and conveying the gospel message. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Mark did a terrific job at our Upward post season event in Renton, WA. He presents the gospel clearly and the kids are very entertained by his presentation.”

“Mark was GREAT!!! He had both parents and kids rolling with laughter throughout the program. Great crowd interaction and honored our time requests to the minute. The gospel presentation was very clear and very creative. I was a little hesitant about bringing in a ventriloquist with puppets, but Mark removed any hesitations I may have had. We will definitely be having Mark back with us.” First Baptist Church, Gulfport, MS